Thursday, February 4, 2016


God is good, life is good. I believe that the top three gifts I have received from the Holy Spirit are; Mercy, Exhortation, and Prophecy.
I have been told I am unusually forgiving. Many times I feel like I am fighting a dual mind when I want to be mad about something but somewhere deep inside me, I know I need to forgive and I feel better when I do. It physically drains me to hold a grudge, and to be honest, I don’t know how some people do it.
I believe I have exhortation as well. I have always felt an overwhelming sense of other’s and their feelings. If someone I love is sad, I feel like I take on some of the sadness or try very hard to help any way I can. I acknowledge that I do know “know” how they feel because I am not in their exact situation, but I do say “I feel for you” or “I wish I could understand”.
I believe that prophecy is something that I had previously misunderstood. It doesn’t necessarily mean telling the future, but I can see how things could play out depending on decisions I make or others actions. Often I find myself day dreaming (don’t we all sometimes do that?) but I have had moments where I didn’t realize what I was thinking or doing was prophesying. I tick a lot of people off because when I give advice, it sounds like I am telling them what to do. Honestly I think I can see how things will play out and I feel compelled to tell them which path to choose and what will happen if they don’t choose that path.
This one is a tough one to develop, and I have to work very hard on being humble and making sure that I am doing the right thing so that I can stand on the truth and not look like a bumbling hypocrite.
I have to be very aware of what I do and say, which I wasn’t before. I feel like I am gaining wisdom, and in that I am developing my spiritual gifts. God has given me gifts and the resources, now I am at the point where I am trying to develop my gifts as well as know how to use them to the best of my ability and ask God what resources I have and how to use them.
This gift is also tough because if I call something correctly, I want to say “SEE, I TOLD YOU!” or I will tell someone their nature and they do not want to hear it because they are in denial. Defensiveness is usually proof that the Holy Spirit has convicted them of this flaw, and they have already been talked to about it before from God (Thanks to my friend who explained this).
I am also finding that God uses the word to speak to me, as he has before, but very interesting that I am able to get very specific messages that apply to my day and life in the moment. Recently I have been in Proverbs and He has given me a message every day; good advice to heed.
Proverbs 15: Stay strong amidst the confusion and chaos, despite the gossip, keep my mouth shut and think before speaking.

Proverbs 16: Tell the Lord what you plan on doing, don’t worry about what others say, God will deal with them. Please the Lord first and foremost, and you will find favor with the right people. Just worry about keeping your boss pleased with you and your work, At this point, don’t worry about money, you should concentrate on being wise and sensible. Be cautious and stay away from those who do evil things, but DO NOT gossip about them. Speak well of all, and don’t lose your temper. We have free will but it had to be God’s choice. Everything is either God allowed or God decided. 

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